Things You Did Not Know About SOURCE

  1. The Israeli Company “Shoresh” is known worldwide under the international name SOURCE. Since the French distributor, who first spread the SOURCE products abroad could not pronounce “Shoresh”, SOURCE became the company name, which is similar both in meaning and sound to the Hebrew name. .
  2. The official name of the company: “Source Vagabond Systems”, was chosen by the founders who made it their goal to be the first company in the world focused on the development and manufacture of equipment for backpackers, unlike many competitors who took pride in developing gear for professional mountaineers. .
  3. SOURCE did not start out with the well known SOURCE sandals, but rather with the money belts known as “Kislikim” sewn using a domestic sewing machine. .
  4. Every year five percent of SOURCE’s net profits are appropriated to community projects, mostly in Tirat Carmel, the city where the plant and the famous factory store are located .SOURCE leads groundbreaking initiatives in social responsibility and leaves Israeli public companies, who donate only about half a percent of their earnings to the community, far behind. .
  5. All regular and reserve IDF combat soldiers are equipped with the SOURCE 90 liter backpack (IDF Pro) and the SOURCE 3 liter water carrier. In Operation “Cast Lead” Israeli soldiers made extensive use of SOURCE backpacks and bladders. .
  6. The IDF Tactical vests are made up of pouches developed and exclusively patented by SOURCE. .
  7. Armies and security forces worldwide are equipped with SOURCE bladders and hydration systems, for ex.: USA, France, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, South Korea and many other countries, as well as all U.S. Marines (about 250,000 soldiers) who are supplied with the SOURCE Tactical 3L hydration pack. .
  8. SOURCE bladders are also marketed in the backpacks and hydration packs of the world’s leading companies including : The North Face, Salomon, Deuter, Giant, Kathmandu, Cabelas, Arc’teryx and more. .
  9. The famous SOURCE sandals and all hydration systems are all manufactured at the Tirat Carmel factory in Israel. .
  10. The sandal crossed straps system called X-STRAP is patented in Israel and abroad. This strap system enables precise adaptation to your foot, and also became the trademark of Israelis traveling abroad, who recognize each other at a distance by the crossover straps. .
  11. SOURCE holds no less than ten international patents for technological innovations that are incorporated in its products. .
  12. Each year more than 200,000 pairs of sandals and over 1.1 million bladders are sold to more than 45 countries worldwide. SOURCE employs about one million meters of sandal straps per year in order to produce its sandals. .
  13. SOURCE sandals are manufactured on a human “assembly line”, and many manufacturing operations are based on handy work and human skill. 40 minutes of human labor are invested in one pair of sandals. .
  14. One in ten Israelis wears SOURCE sandals. .
  15. Green Dot™ Guarantee – SOURCE is the world’s only footwear company that gives warranty per mileage, this unique warranty refers to the actual usage of the sandals. .
  16. Eco-Logic™ Sandals Carry Bag –  SOURCE is the world’s only footwear company that sells sandals in smart reusable packaging thus sparing the felling of thousands of trees per year for disposable packaging boxes which are discarded immediately after purchase. .
  17. Each SOURCE product has an almost personal ID number (i.e. every 30 pairs of sandals share the same number). In case of a flaw, even years later, it allows to identify when the sandal was created, which employee was responsible for each of the 50 different actions that are needed to create every sandal, from which batch of raw material the sandal was manufactured and on what date that series of raw material was received at the SOURCE warehouse.