And the winner is …

The British, Royal Navy and Army Telemark Skiing Championship 2019 sponsored by SOURCE has now concluded with the final race being the arduous and competitive Mountain Race. Here’s our final report from the French Alps.

100 racers participated in the mass start race comprising of a challenging mountain climb through thick forest with a fast off piste descent to the finish line. Teams of 3 had to complete 1 lap each whilst individual entries had to complete all 3 laps of the course.

The Mountain Race is a gruelling event and keeping hydrated is important, especially when at altitude. The SOURCE hydration packs and SOURCE Liquitainers provide an easy way to carry and drink water when racing, with the added benefit of it tasting like water as nature intended.

Congratulations to 24 CDO RE for winning the Mountain Race team event. Well done and an excellent demonstration of how to dig deep and race hard.

Phil and Al (SOURCEs UK team) both raced, Phil in the Championship and Al in the Development with mixed success. Some good telemark turns were made but Phil also did his best to win the SOURCE Best Wipeout! Watch his crash on Instagram.

Check out #sourcetele19 on Instagram for some of the entries to the SOURCE best photo and best wipe out competition.

The results of British, Royal Navy and Army Telemark Skiing Championship 2019 can be found here:

For more information on Telemark Racing or if you are interested in attending next years Championship visit